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Aston Hill Bike Park

A Slice Of The Alps In The Chiltern Hills

Aston Hill Is Currently Closed Due To Significant Tree Safety Issues Caused By Ash Die Back (Updated 23/06/23)

We are sad to announce that due to an unprecendented amount of Ash Die Back affecting Aston Hill and a lack of suitable access to deal with the situation via conventional tree surgery methods,the forest and trails are currently closed. While this is not the news we wanted, Ash Die Back makes the trees incredibly brittle and causes a significant risk of large sections of branches falling without warning. 

The good news is that there is a plan in place to manage the situation and re-open the forest and we are fully supportive of Forestry England in imposing this current closure based on keeping all users safe. We are asking all riders to respect this closure and due to the seriousness of the situation, physical barriers will be put in place to prevent riding. 

To find out more about the closure and read the full Forestry England press release, please click the button below.

Welcome To Aston Hill Bike Park

We are looking forward to welcoming you all back to Aston Hill Bike Park as soon as we’re open again.





Coaching Has Temporarily Relocated To Rushmere Country Park

Thanks to the support of Rushmere Country Park and The Greensands Trust, Firecrest MTB will continue to be offering coaching sessions for all Aston Hill private and devo customers, just follow the links below to book. 

Coaching - Girls Devo 12-16 YRS

With the popularity of the DeVo Courses continuing to rids Firecrest Mountain Biking’s Young Rider Development Programme’s (DeVo) introduces Girls DeVo to Rushmere Country Park.


If you’re aged between 8 – 18 years of age and looking to get into Mountain Biking or improve your Mountain Bike Skills then  the programme of young mountain biker courses is one of the most progressive young rider training programs in the UK.

1 To 1 & Group Coaching - All Ages

Using the latest technology Ian can give you the ultimate insight into your riding using the I-Pad App, Coach’s Eye to give you an even deeper insight into your riding on all of our courses, On the ‘Race’ Courses we use our Freelap Digital Timing System to give you section times to the thousandth of a second and provide unique rider feedback, insight and to record your progression.


Support the development of the trail network on Aston Hill by donating. Any money you donate will be ring fenced for trail development and you can see the current trail development roadmap by clicking here. At the time of donation, you will be asked to cast a vote for your preferred project. Once sufficient funds are raised, the most popular projects will be undertaken.