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A Bike Park For The Community

Welcome To
Aston Hill Bike Park

Aston Hill is currently run by Forestry England with the support of Bike Park Chilterns CIC. The bike park features 5 permanent downhill trails, a 5 mile XC loop, pump track and 4x track.

Originally founded in 1997 by Ian Warby (who is still with us now), Aston Hill has been the host to both regional and national level events over the years and has helped multiple world cup riders, including Phil Atwill to enter the sport.

What Is Bike Park Chilterns CIC

Bike Park Chilterns is a ‘Community Interest Company’ (CIC) that has been setup to create and manage the development of mountain biking in the Chiltern Hills.

A CIC is a special type of organisation registered with HMRC like a limited company, but dedicated to supporting the community. As a CIC, Bike Park Chilterns are legally bound by what is called an asset lock. The asset lock is enforced by the government and stipulates that all profits generated by the CIC must be re-invested into more community projects. Further to this, the CIC must produce a community statement each year demonstrating how it is benefitting the community it serves to retain it’s status as a CIC.

For those looking to donate money to any of the CIC’s projects, tax incentives are available.